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I am going through a tough time in my life (family, health, job) and I am trying to find out why all of this. Is there any clearing in the future? Could anyone help me with some answers?

My DOB: January 22, 1980
TOB: 6 am
Location: Cluj, Romania

My husband: March 14, 1978
TOB: around 10 PM
Location: Randolph, Vermont USA

I want to mention that I am just starting to learn this art of astrology and it is a little too confusing for me to get some answers.

Please help me with some answers. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry for interrupting this thread. I also have confusions in life. I am not able to settle in a job and I am not getting the work what I am promised always. People who are of my age are well settled but I am just working in some companies here and there and I have never reached any respectable position. Though I work hard people do not believe and I always get insulted for my new ideas (which get implemented later by those who insulted me). I feel very much disappointed, though I was the topper academically I could not win a good job. My star is punarpoosam(punarvasu) and rasi is mithunam(gemini). DOB 24-03-1980, Cuddalore (Tamilnadu, india), Time 22-30.

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