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Hi Everyone,
My birth details are:-
DOB-3rd July 1981
TOB-11:33 AM

i want to know about the factors which are causing  delay in my marriage.I got engaged earlier two times.At first i got engaged in jan 2005 and it was broken by me as the guy was already having an affair and even provided wrong information about his education and job.Next time,i  again got engaged in oct 2005 which was broken due to their increasing dowry demands.they had also provided wrong birth details to us.Overall,both the times I felt cheated.

I know that my horoscope is having Kendradhipati dosha caused due to Mercury and Jupiter both.Is it the cause of this Dosha only?
Wat are the other afflictions in my horoscope?
What will be the suitable time for my marriage?Will I be able to lead a happy married life?what will be the qualities of my life partner?

I have completed MA(eng) and MCA and looking for the job.I also want to know which stream is better for me to take up as a career i.e.  teaching or software industry?I am not getting good opportunities to build up my career????
Should i change my stream too?

With Regards ........waiting for the reply.

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you were going through Me/Rahu period during 04-july-2004 to 3-feb-2007. Rahu is separatist planet and decieve you in relation.

Rahu is in cancer with Moon.Some astrologers say it is Matra Shapa.
1.It may be possible that a female forefather have not got moksha.
2.There is possibility of child ( of your gender) got aborted/died before your birth?. Please ask your mother. If yes, then need to make marriage of that dead child ( symbolically). It is obstructing your path for marriage.

Mercury is retrogade and 12th from Moon.This is causing delay in marriage.

There is chance of getting married b/w Nov-2008 to 3rd May 2009.

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female forefather ?


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In family tree, it is possible that lady has died without children or a girl/Kinya has died without marriage or grand mother has not got moksha. These elements need/demand to be given moksha. Every family has these issues, nobody can find which generation this happened.But general moksha has to be given ( some priess do this in South India, Varansi, Prayg,Gaya ..)
Need to consult good astrologer and figure out this issue and perform necessory remedies.

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Thanks for replying.
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