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Dear Respected Gurus and members,

My details are:
Date Of Birth :1-October-1977
Time Of Birth :10.35AM
Place Of Birth:Karwar, Karnataka
Latitude :14° 48' N
Longitude :74° 11' E.
Gender : Female

I had an engagement break 2 years back. Though I am not responsible for it, my parents are cursing me for that. My parents fight ever day for my marriage.

They are some times pressurizing for me to get married to people with lesser educational qualification/income than mine. When I will deny that they start abusing me and themselves with all possible bad words in the world. This hurts me a lot. Most of the days I am not able to concentrate on work.

My parents give unnecessary importance to society and relatives than my future life. I don't know how to make the understand about the reality.

We did kala sarpa shanti, vinayaka shanti, shani shanti. Even after that no
success came.

1. Can you predict the date of marriage?
2. Whether Marriage is promised or not in my life?
3. Whether Happy Married Life is promised or not/
4. Any disturbance in Married Life

I will be greatful to you Gurujees if you can suggest me if some vrata's/poojas which I can perform myself. Right now I am in very much disturbed condition.


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