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male: april 16, 1961, 7:14 AM, latitude:13N, Longitude: 74E
female: march 25, 1969, 6:30 AM, latitude:13N, Longitude:74E

Dear astrologers

Their marriage has failed due to adamant behaviour of both the spouses. The child is getting affected both mentally and physically. Both husband and wife do not want to take responsibility of the child. Counselling does not seem to help. Is there any remedy to see the couple get reconciled. Or will it be a divorce

thank you


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Dear Shailendra,

Counselling will not work. They can proceed to divorce. Marriage is simply difficult for both the charts and continuity is nowhere near
Both are running difficult sub periods for few years.

Amicable separation is the solution.

it would be interesting to know their date of marriage ?

Good luck !

Best wishes

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