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I have a humble request if you can please take a look at my chart. Thanks.

Which Career should I take?

Date of Birth: 30-05-1982
Time of Birth: 3.55 pm
Place of Birth: Indore , Madhyapradesh , India

Ephemeris ---Sade sati going on - Shani 1st house, Jupiter 6th house.

I completed MMS from India & MBA in USA but was unable to find work so
had to return unfortunately. I will appreciate if you can let me know
about jobs in USA & foreign residence in chart.

I wanted to do job then start my own business. I am ambitious, dress
well, good communicator, have big plans & would like to turn them in
reality. I am interested in building career as a Sales manager,
Entrepreneur, Financial analyst, Business analyst, Software
consultant, etc? Which among this would be more favorable and after
doing job for some years; I would like to start my own business. Are
prospects better during Rahu Mahadasha because I will have to prepare
for going to USA ?

Saturn & Mars are in my 12th house so will I have some Finances like
to take care of my basic needs of food, clothing and shelter & if
married that of wife and kids. I haven't earned much when I was in
USA, have personal debt, owe money to relatives & my parents have also
spent a lot; right now I am dependent on my parents for my basic needs
& take money from them.

I am worried a lot due to money.

I am 27 year running; whether my marriage will be arranged or love?
And does it makes me manglik?

Does happiness from Relatives is indicated? Like younger brother,
parents, bhuha, grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.?

Are there any doshas in chart or does it prevent me from settling in
USA ? I am ruined mentally, financially & emotionally as I couldn't
fulfill my dreams. My reputation among family members has also been

Please help me I am very depressed. I want to go back to USA ; even if
I get normal wages just to live a normal life. I have to get an H1B
- very competitive; there is a long wait list for green card
filing 6-8 years. How should I plan my future? Any other information
will be appreciated. Thanks.

I am also a beginner in Astrology. I would like to clarify that
Retrograde Saturn in 12th house destroys my 2nd, 6th and 9th house –
so no finances and luck? Jupiter has beneficial aspects on 5th 7th and
9th house. Rahu in 9th house. So, I think Jupiter & Saturn's aspects
on 9th house one positive and one negative cancel each other making
9th house neutral. Is my understanding right?



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Any astrologers please...
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