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Dear Sir,

I am going through extremely bad phase of life at present. My job has been left and not able to get new job. My financial, health and mental position have become very bad.


Do I have shani dasha on or is it something else that’s making my life fall apart. please help...

My details are:
d.ob. 27/12/1969
Birth Time: 8.10 pm
Place: Tilhar (District Shahjahanpur of U.P. INDIA)



27° 59' N

79° 44' E


Someone please help I am very new to this forum. So i don't know how to start a new post  hence, replying in an existing post.

Many Thanks.


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hi vijai,

some predictions based on data provided by u.

 Planetary Yogas

Gajkeshari Yoga

This is an auspicious planetary combination. You will have many desirable qualities; you will be

healthy, wealthy, learned, respected, kind, generous, virtuous and polite. You will be

religious-minded and long-lived. You will possess leadership abilities and will become renowned.

Khala Yoga

This combination is somewhat pecuiliar. It can give you extreme fluctuations between two extreme

conditions. You may have financial progress by leaps and bounds at some period of time while at

some other time you may be in unfavourable circumstances. With time your mental outlook will also


Sarala Yoga

This is an auspicious yoga. It will make you resolute, learned, virtuous, wealthy, prosperous and

respectable. You will enjoy life with your relatives and socialize with a large circle of friends. You will

have a lasting reputation.

Vipreet Raja Yoga

This is a fortunate combination. It will give you a special ability to make use of opportunities that

comes your way and you will have progress by leaps and bounds. You will have majestic

appearance, commanding skill and will be renowned for your accomplishments. You will gain riches

from various sources but you may not not have the peace of mind which you will treasure most.

Vidya Yoga

This is a very favourable combination for having excellent progress in academic persuits. You will

have sharp intelligence and a retentive memory which will help you to grasp things quickly. You will

be efficient in solving problems and often you may find out better working methods.

Subhavesi Yoga

This is a favourable combination. It will give you a good family-background, good education and

stable financial position. You will be have pleasing appearance and will be virtuous. The desirable

qualities you possess will help you to have good progress in life.

Subhavasi Yoga

This is a favourable combination. You will become liberal in your outlook and will possess many

desirable qualities. You will be renowned for your pleasing manners and good conduct. You will gain

popularity and will make good advancement in life.

Simhasan Yoga

This is a very fortunate combination. It is a 'Raja Yoga' that will give you power and eminence. You

will occupy a good rank in your sphere of profession and in social circle also will secure an

influencial position. Sometime during the middle part of your life you will achieve great success

Raja Yoga Of The 1st Order

This is a fortunate 'Raja Yoga' combination. You will rise to an enviable position in life. If the planets

are powerful in your chart, then you can even become a minister. Even if you do not reach that far,

you can at least remain assured that you will become the head of a big establishment -- possibly in a

Govt. sector

Maha Yoga

This is a highly auspicious yoga. You will be born in fortunate circumstances and move in high

circles by virtue of birth and upbringing. You will have good education and your informal studies will

cover a wide range of subjects. You will attain a highly respectable position and will have many

travels. You will become famous and have a lasting reputation.

Bandhu Pujya Yoga

This is a good combination. You will have high accomplishmentsfor which your friends and relatives

will treat with respect.

Sada Sanchara Yoga

This combination offers mixed influences. You may be engaged in a profession that commands

extensive touring and travelling.

Results of Planetary Aspects

Sun Trine Saturn

You are hardworking and through your perseverance, manage to achieve success. You can also

practise self control and discipline yourself to attain the higher goals that you might have set for

yourself. You will be able to garner for yourself the material riches that you desire and may also

receive some favours from your superiors.

Mercury Semi Square Mars

When Mercury and Mars Semi Square up to each other, you might become over sensitive and prone

to exhibiting unpleasant emotions. Keeping a control over your emotions will help you gain the object

you desire.

Mercury Trine Pluto

You will simply not take a no for an answer and will not rest until you solved all outstanding

mysteries and problems. Concentration, communication skills and intellectual prowess are your

strengths, the last two qualities helping you win many admirers.

Venus Semi Sextile Neptune

A Semi Sextile position of Venus and Neptune infuses you with a roman tic nature with an

inclination towards art, music and poetry. You have a helpful attitude, especially towards your loved

ones, who in turn will be the source of happiness to you. You are also idealistic.

Venus Square Pluto

Venus and Pluto in a square position causes you to become in tensely emotional in a relationship

though you also have the skill to adjust according to circumstances. You might also face some

challenges in your romantic or marital life.

Jupiter Opposition Saturn

You will take many crucial decisions in your life. However, you need to develop your self confidence.

You will keep expanding your business and sphere of activity, shoulder many responsibilities. Even

though you will rub shoulder with important persons, you may not be able keep the touch. You

should not take flirtations seriously.

Jupiter Semi Sextile Neptune

A confident person, you will succeed in your efforts to fulfil your ideals in life. For some time, you will

be associated with social and religious work and that will give you an extra edge in spirituality. You

have to be careful about gambling and speculative business for they, though at first may gain you

riches, would eventually lead to disaster.

Saturn Semi Square Rahu

Due to the Semi Square Aspect of Rahu/Ketu with Saturn, you will often feel loneliness. Chances

are that you will be worried about your limitations so you need to develop a positive outlook.

Moon Sextile Uranus

You have a love for adventure and excitement. You have the powers of intuition that help you in

forming friendships with like minded people. You also stand to benefit from your friends, especially if

they are females. You also have an inclination towards the study of technical subjects.

Moon Semi Square Pluto

At times you might be prone to certain negative emotions like guilt or jealousy. However, an

emotional self analysis stands you in good stead.


Specific Characterstics

You will be a person of kind and attractive nature, amiable disposition and generous character. You

will have a social standing and may have some success in artistic field. You will have many friends,

will be fond of pleasures and will have keen interest for personal decoration.

You will possess a fertile imagination and piercing intellect. You will be fond of travel and lover of

learning. You will be loquacious and will earn a living by the use of the pen : a correspondent,

contributor, author or a writer. You may have a lashing tongue for which people may have mixed

feelings for you. With your writings too, you may become controversial. You will have a love of

romance, travel and adventure. You will have special interest in geographical mysteries and mystic

literature of ancient origin. You will gain public recognition and considerable popularity. You will have

money from overseas journeys and gains from people of distant places. You may earn a fortune in

foreign trade, dealing in valuable and precious things.

Mental Qualities

You will be changeful, fond of movement, prudent, sympathetic, imaginative and romantic. You will

be ambitious and inclined to public life. You may have a roving disposition.

Physical Attributes

According to your Horoscope, you will have a rounded, top-heavy fleshy body with wide chest, broad

forehead, full face with pendulous cheeks and grey eyes. In mature age, you may have a double

chin. Your limbs are comparatively short and your walk as such is likely to be swaying and laborious

General State of Health

Your zodiacal sign rules over the bones, skin and the knees. Thus, you are prone to rheumatism,

arthritis and skin-complaints. Overwork is the very first thing that could strike the blow on your

health if you don't take adequate rest or skip exercises.

You are more of a loner and confide far less in others - for which reason you habitually remain in

tension. You must learn to relax and find time to be amidst greenery, water and friendly company.

You should take to sports activities like tennis, billiards, swimming, golf, etc. You should take

cabbage, spinach, onions, barley, beetroot, etc.[/In your chart, there is no affliction to your Sun,

Moon and the Ascendant. This makes you a very fortunate person in respect of health and disease.

You will have good health and sound physique throughout your life; even if you have any minor

health-problem, it may happen only rarely and it won't last long.

Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health.

Since the Moon bears no affliction in your chart, you are less likely to suffer from any disease

resulting from environmental causes.Since the Sun is bearing no affliction in your chart, you won't

inherit any disease from your parents. If you per chance have any ailments, those will only be

short-lived. Your eye-sight will also remain good.

Education and Profession

Planetary combinations in your chart make you a fortunate person in respect of education; you will

be very intelligent and will have a high level of education. You will be successful in any stream you

would choose and will achieve a Master's degree at least. You may continue your studies further

and for your academic accomplishments you will be widely respected.

You will have interest in various fields and in every field you will excel. In more than one main line of

education you may secure graduation degrees which will give you some distinct advantages in the

field of profession.

Certain planetary combinations present in your chart give rise to auspicious 'Vidya Yoga'. This will

give you higher education and success in academic pursuits. You will have in-depth studies in some

serious subjects throughout life for which people will treat you with great respect.

The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the capability to express your views very

effectively and also offer communication skills. You have an aptitude for seeing both sides of things

as well. You will do well in the field of Law or in such fields where knowledge of rules and regulations

are required.

The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. You

will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or

manufacturing activities. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patches

when you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business.

Wealth and Inheritance

As regards family-wealth, you will be exceedingly fortunate as this happens to be one of the best

positions for the lord of wealth. You will have gains through artistic pursuits, entertainment fields,

children's dreamland and application-oriented education / training. You will have fruitful love-affairs.

As regards domestic environment, you will be blessed with peace and harmony. You will have

bright children with charming appearances. The first child will be endowed with some artistic faculty.

In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the Ascendant gives rise to auspicious 'Dhana-Yoga'.

This is an excellent combination for influx of wealth from various sources. You will have successfully

running and growing business ventures. Even if you have a humble begining you will proceed farther

than your own expectations and lead a contented life.

In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in it's own house gives rise to auspicious 'Sarala

Yoga' which makes you very fortunate in respect of inheritance. You will have enough from your

parents and your marriage-partner will also bring in a legacy. Your life-mate will come from a

wealthier family, yet will be modest and sober.

Marriage and Married Life

Your chart indicates that you will be married at normal age-period. The planetary combinations in

your chart favours a fairly happy married- life. You will have considerations for each other and will be

a loving pair. Occassionally arising minor differences you will accept as to be only natural but those

will vanish soon as you will adopt a compromising attitude.

Travel and Journeys

In your chart most of the planets are situated in moveable and/ or common signs. This will make you

a born wanderer who will have many changes in life. You will have many journeys in connection with

your profession; you will also have travels and tours for pleasure and profit.

Lucky Stone

Among auspicious gemstones YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Peeta Pukhraj) will be favourable for you.

You may take 5 to 7 Rattis of Yellow Sapphire in a ring of Gold which should be worn on right hand

index finger on a Thursday.

Cheaper substitute of Yellow Sapphire is Topaz (Sunhela) which may be taken instead in a ring of


While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious:

Devanam cha Rishinam cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhibhutam Trilokesham tam namami brahaspatim.

Ascendent Result

Your Ascendant is Sagittarius. Your Ascendant-lord is Jupiter, which is the super-benefic planet in

your chart.

By virtue of being born in Sagittarius Ascendant, you will be highly intelligent, learned, prudent,

religious-minded, wealthy and famous. Although you might be somewhat frenzy or fitful by nature

and hasty in doing everything, you will have a rare kind of longing for reaching your goal. At times,

because of the habit of taking spot-decisions and rushing to completion double-quick, you may run

the risk of committing costly mistakes. Although people may consider you to be somewhat crazy or

selfish, you will be well-known as a hard task-master and a sure achiever. You will be very

open-minded, frank, unreserved and clear-spoken. While dealing with relatives and friends, you will

show intense feelings of relationships. A pecuiliar quality you may have is that you may be endowed

with a double standard of beliefs and thoughts, which might be evident from your actions. Still, as far

as possible, you will remain fair and honest. You will have great interest in philosophy, respect the

principles and abide by the law.

Result for Planets in Signs


In your chart, the Sun is placed in sign Sagittarius. You will be a proud-spirited person having lofty

ideals and will aim at great things. With your austerity and severity, you will be able to perform some

honourable exploits and will receive some distinctive honours. You will have deep interest in

studying ancient classics and may have some interest in music as well. You will be religiously

inclined and will treat pious people with due respect and honour. You will lead a happy life with your

spouse and children.


In your chart, Mercury is placed in sign Capricorn. Unless the sign-lord Saturn is well disposed, you

may have a suspicious nature and ill temper; you might become unfortunate to self and disagreeable

to others. You may acquire a cunning nature and perverse disposition, make friends with mean

people and become addicted to bad habits. You will travel a lot and will have many sudden changes

in life. However, if Jupiter aspects Mercury, then the situation will be considerably improved for the



In your chart, Venus is placed in sign Sagittarius. You will be generous and spirited person, aiming

at nothing mean or underhand. Although you will be rather proud and passionate, you will be even

tempered and will have a kind, inoffensive and obliging nature. You will be fortunate, will be skillful in

literature or arts and will delight in innocent recreations. Although you will receive favours and

benefits from the authorities, you might be distressed on account of inimical actions of jealous



In your chart, Mars is placed in sign Aquarius. This is not a good position since you will be prone to

suffer from high blood-pressure. If Mars is afflicted by malefic planet(s) and is neither associated

with or aspected by benefic planet(s), you might be prone to receive serious injury in your shank

portion below the knee, resulting from accidental mishap. Besides, you might remain worried owing

to over-expenditure because of ill-health of your children. Although you may have a buoyant

disposition, with your conduct you may give rise to controversy. You may lose wealth by way of

speculative investments.


In your chart, Jupiter is placed in sign Libra. This is a fairly good position; it will give you a mild

temper, winning manners and obliging disposition. You will have a tall, upright stature, a very

handsome form and inviting face; with your presence itself, you will be able to command respect.

But, as regards health, the position is not very good; you may suffer from ulcers or the like, lose

appetite and eat food in limited quantity only. You might be somewhat unhappy on account of your

spouse or children.


In your chart, Saturn is placed in sign Aries. It may give you a ruddy complexion and a spare,

raw-boned structure. You may tend to be boastful, excitable and petulant, yet you will be resolute

and independent. You may not be in good terms with your mother or your relatives, may incur losses

through litigations and may wish to live in a distant place. You may acquire some addictions and

may suffer from some secretive or skin disorders. You have the risk of receiving injury on your head

or face.


The Moon is situated in sign Cancer in your chart; so your 'Janma-Rashi' (or Chandra-Lagna) is

Karkata. Your mental qualities and certain other characteristics will be governed by this feminine,

watery, fruitful and movable sign and, to some extent, by it's sign-lord, the Moon herself.

Moon in sign Cancer is a very beneficial position in many respects in general; however, you might

tend to be emotional and sentimental, although you will be free from passion or rash actions. You

will be fortunate in respect of property-matters and your earnings will swell, although with some

occassional fluctuations. You will acquire special skill in arts, will be fond of good company and

merry-making, will be fond of travelling and will be loved by all. Your mind will be flexible and

changeful, which you will greatly enjoy.


In your chart, Rahu is placed in sign Aquarius. This is the best position for Rahu, more so if Saturn

or Jupiter is also well-placed. It will make you intelligent and clever as well; you will have good

education, many friends and gains from various sources. If the Moon is also with Rahu, then your

mother's health and well-being may cause you concern but you will have good gains from land and

agricultural products. If Mars or Jupiter is with Rahu, then you would suffer from high

blood-pressure. If Rahu is situated in Satabhisha star, then you will have good gains and receive

benefits through friends.


In your chart, Ketu is placed in sign Leo. This is a favourable position for Ketu, more so if the Sun is

also well-placed or Jupiter aspects it. It will make you intelligent and clever as well; you will have

good education, many friends and gains from various sources. If the Moon aspects Ketu, then your

mother's health and well-being may cause you concern but you will have good gains from land and

agricultural products. If your Ascendant is Leo, then you may have some distinct differences with

your spouse. However, if Ketu is situated in Magha star, then you will have good gains by your own



In your chart, Uranus is placed in sign Virgo. You will tend to become worried or upset rather easily

and may have the habit of twiching of the eyes or of running fingers through the hair. You may

frequently lose patience with others who might refuse to adhere to instructions and routine. You may

be a good school-teacher; but if you are in some other profession, you may antagonize your

co-workers and may fail to motivate them. You should start viewing the world through other people's



In your chart, Neptune is placed in sign Scorpio. If Neptune is associated with or aspected by Jupiter

or Venus, then your psychic capacity might be more accentuated and you may possess the ability of

divination and foretelling. If Neptune is afflicted by malefic planet(s), then you may have coarse

features with your sensuous side intensified. You may become jealous and may have a nasty



In your chart, Pluto is placed in sign Virgo. It tends to make the body slim, but keeps it fit and fine. If

Mercury is well-placed or if Jupiter or Venus is associated with or aspects Pluto, then it will give you

an exalted view of self-importance. But if Mars or Saturn is in square or conjunction with Pluto, then

it will give you a bullying tendency of hurting them who disagrees with your views or attitude.

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