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My parents believe a lot in horoscope matching and I am having Kal Sarpa dosh.I got a profile where the girl also haves Kal Sarpa yoga dosh.Pandit says it can present in either of one kundali but not in both kundali's i.e for both girl and boy.

My details:
Jan 6,1980 ,place : merta city, Rajasthan ,India ,time -12:44 PM

Girls details:
Oct 26,1983 ,Place Bhilwara,Rajasthan ,Time : 10:30 PM.

Can some one who is good knowledgable please suggest is it okay to proceed and does KSP should not present in both the kundali's ?

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ITs not good have Kal Sarp yoga present in both boy and girl's horo.

You should marry girl who does not have KSY and not mangalik
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