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I saw urs explanations for horoscope analysis   its very very good

My D.O.B  is :  06-06-1974   Place: kurnool   country: india   Time: 15:45 hrs  Long: 78E29  Lattitude:15N29

I am post graduate  i.e.,  M.C.A  ( Master of Computer Applications) completed in 1997 september.

upto here ( 1997 ) life is in smoothful  regarding education except  minor health problems.

since  1997 october onwards i am facing a lot of hurdles like 

1. problems with collegues in work place(1998 to tilldate)

2. marriage engagement cancled in 1998 feb with a lady

3. married another lady in 18-08-2000

4. got female baby child at 29-12-2001.

5. Divorce with wife on 26-4-2003

6. from  november'2003 onwards no job, no earning, only depends(taking money from parents) to tilldate

7. since 6 years i  have no interest in any thing.. just eating and roaming

8. after divorce there is no marriage..

 as educated  why i am doing like this...  is there  maraka  in coming  mars dasa... some astrologer told me that  in mars  dasa there is  maraka  ( means danger )...  could u tell me  what is my longevity ( life span)  up to what dasa....

one astrologer told me  i have Billionier ( koteeswara yoga) yoga..









Lgna  ( 1st house) – Tula ( Libra)

           2 house - Rahu

          3 house - Mo

           4 house - nil

          5 house-  Ju

           6 house - nil

          7 house - Ve

           8 house -  Su , Ke

          9 house -  Me , Sa

           10 house -  Ma


Sir i am attaching my  rasi  and  navamsa charts  ..   PLZ PLZ PLZ give  tell me about my future

With regards





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