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divya murti
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pranaam vaughn ji

it's been a great pleasure to find such kind of site where one could clear one's doubts.It's very hard to find detailed information reg. above dosha.(1)Keeping in mind that benefics are lord of 2 rashis experts like Sh.B.V.Raman mention that this dosha occurs when both the conditions are fulfilled-ownership of two kendras by a benefic and the placement of the benefic also in a kendra.(2)Some other learned authors however state that merely the ownership of a kendra by a benefic causes a kendradhipati dosha; it dosn't matter whether the benefic is the lord of one kendra and one outside house(except a trikon)and whether the benefic itself is placed in kendra or outside.(3) Yet others claim that if the benefic is the lord of a kendra and a trikon(including the 1st house) and placed in a kendra then it would not be a dosha rather it would be a very good yoga.Another exception is though the benefic's ownership of 2 kendras but its placement in Upachya(11th house)

Iwould be greatly indebted if you could enlighten me on the above topic,it's various exceptions and results and whether one could wear a gemstone of the said benefic causing the above dosha.

thanking you in anticipation

divya murti
Vaughn Paul
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Hi Divya Murti,
There are only 4 instances where this dosha exists. Gemini lagna - Jupiter rules 7 and 10. Virgo lagna - Jupiter rules 4 and 7. Sag lagna - Mercury rules 7 and 10. And Pisces lagna - Mercury rules 4 and 7. House rulership only shows the temporal status of a planet and is just one factor showing the overall status of a planet. I have seen Mercury and Jupiter being surprisingly difficult dasas for people when there is kendradipati dosha present. The chart needs to be seen overall with this dosha taken into consideration. I can't give a remedial recommendation without studying the whole chart. Vaughn Paul
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Dear Vaughn,

I have Jupiter giving Kendradhipati dosha in my Virgo ascendant horoscope. My Ju mahadasha will end in 2007. But, contrary to belief, this dasha gave me positive results in all aspects.

My details are (just in case):

DOB: 30-07-1969
TOB: 10.35am
Delhi Cantt (India)

I have one more question to you. Jagannath Hora lite shows Ke in ascendant and Ra in 7th. Where as Junior Jyotish shows Ke in 12th & Ra in 6th. What should I follow????

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