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This Discussion Board may shut down vaughnpaul 908 1
by vaughnpaul
New Discussion Board on Vaughn Paul's Website vaughnpaul 3,994 15
by vaughnpaul
New Board Features - Requires Quick Registration MosesSiregarIII 3,158 3
by MosesSiregarIII
New 'Daily Vedic Astrology Articles' at vaughnpaul 5,549 5
by vaughnpaul
Vaughn Paul's website at vaughnpaul 5,634 2
by vaughnpaul
Discussion Board may shut down by October 1st! vaughnpaul 1,122 1
by vaughnpaul
saturn when lord of 8th and 9th - but exalted in 5th - is it considered a maraka planet or not? gracylou 950 5
by gracylou
venus dasa for venus in taurus - lot of health and marriage problems - please explain. gracylou 839 0
by gracylou
Married life prediction guy2306 1,089 5
by guy2306
could I possibly choose a better chart/destiny/time of birth for my child?? anand10122000 832 0
by anand10122000
could i possibly choose a better chart/time for the birth of my son? anand10122000 862 0
by anand10122000
Jupiter for tula lagna shrisha_18 10,445 13
by shrisha_18
Ketu in 1st 4,894 17
somebody please help - no respite in my marriage gracylou 849 0
by gracylou
what is the effect of saturn transit in my 7th house zohra 853 0
by zohra
Saturn Transit to Virgo September 10th. viper13 807 0
by viper13
Aquarius Kethu and Moon in Libra 9th Naraine 854 1
by Naraine
vedic nepaltrekkingguide 836 0
by nepaltrekkingguide
moon and ketu in the same house deep 17,461 20
by deep
career avanti 838 0
by avanti
Please kindly give me a report Naraine 934 4
by Naraine
When is the Marriage Time? Ramya26 887 0
by Ramya26
venus in 4th house- runnning venus dasha gracylou 981 3
by gracylou
Me and my husband living separately, where the relationship is heading towards? Anitha_R 981 4
by Anitha_R
Unconventional Love Affair - any chance for failure? URGENT maganti 2,390 11
by maganti
when will I conceive Suni_R 979 3
by Suni_R
colors and astrology BLIZZARD51 935 0
Do prayers / mantras / fasts really work ? and how ? viper13 969 3
by viper13
Exalted Positions - Reasoning for beginners 2,061 8
venus as yogakaraka for virgo lagna 2,948 7
is it rahu in 7th or Neech(makar) vakri Jupiter in 8th ? Please Help!! viper13 1,315 11
by viper13
when will i get marry and query regarding kuja dosha(manglik) dr_girish77 1,249 6
by dr_girish77
Am i a manglik or do i have kuja dosha ? ushareddyk 1,135 11
by ushareddyk
Transit of Saturn mandira 1,868 8
by mandira
Jupiter in Lagna is good.But in Thula Lagna - Is it good or Bad ? chaitu3k 1,215 1
by chaitu3k
Emerald Ring related question MT 976 0
by MT
can anyone help my son? praveenapyda 2,402 9
by praveenapyda
Need help -marriage problems Didmati 1,069 0
by Didmati
Marriage Time Svet 1,162 3
by Svet
Timing of House/Apartment Purchase pp 999 0
by pp
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